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About Payroll Blogger

Passionate about Human Resource Management (HRM) & Payroll Software Systems

By training and work experience, I'm a senior HR and payroll practitioner. I work among a 12 member HR team handling the company's global HR requirements. I like my work and have enjoyed a rewarding career.

By choice, I'm an advocate of human resource business strategies and software technologies. Perhaps I'm unique, but I actually enjoy business process improvements, implementing human resource applications, payroll systems, social CRM (SCRM) tools and various related productivity applications. I also enjoy change management, as long as the purpose is sound and the vision clear.

I've used several human resouces and payroll applications over the last 18 years. I originally incurred my payroll software learning curve on PeopleSoft - a system that is fading into the sunset but I still admire. Other payroll systems I've used include Oracle, SAP and Lawson. In my current role, I use Ultimate Software for payroll processing, Halogen Software for employee performance, for CRM, Marketo for lead management, OpenView for lead intelligence and a few other productivity programs. All of the systems I current use are delivered in the software as a service (SaaS) model, or I guess what most business software providers now like to call the cloud.

I created this blog to share some first hand experiences, collaborate with like minded payroll professionals, and learn from the collaboration of others. I'm on a journey, and enjoy meeting other people along the way.

I usually attend's DreamForce - and enjoy meeting old and new friends at this great annual event.

Good reading, good fortune and good luck.


Jim Jacques | Human Resources Management & Payroll Systems Blog