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A Call For HR and Payroll Applications To Aid HR and Payroll Staff

A Time To Help Those That Help All Others In Your Company

After nearly two years of company down-sizings, hiring freezes, layoffs and overall tough times across the nation, the U.S. economic recession reportedly bottomed out in June, 2009, according to a report from the private, non-profit economic research organization, the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER). That may be the beginning of better things to come, but many corporate human resources and payroll departments are still reeling from the effects of the downturn that began in December 2007.

If your company experienced one or more rounds of layoffs, your Human Resources staff likely bore much of the brunt of those actions. If your business issued unpaid furloughs to save needed funds, the HR department had to deal with the many complex questions and worries from your affected staff. And if your company cut back on investments in employee benefits, company perks and motivational methods, your HR staff again faced the unpleasant tasks of explaining the cutbacks and seeing the changes through.

To rekindle the culture before the economic squeeze, consider beginning with your HR department, for effects there will extend to the rest of the organization.

Consider a new motivational push by showing your HR staff just how invaluable they have been through all of the economic uncertainty and upheaval by considering new HR systems and/or payroll applications, or related software technology, that can help eliminate manual entry, streamline business processes, provide on-demand reporting and otherwise help the people that can help the rest of your company.

Human Resources is seldom one of the first departments to be considered for important IT and enterprise software upgrades. Those projects are usually reserved for the sales department to acquire a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, or the back office to acquire an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application, or maybe the warehouse to implement a new Supply Chain Management (SCM) system. The priority is often given to business software systems which directly interface to customers, suppliers and other partners, as those are sources where revenues come from. No argument that these functions are critical to company operations and growth strategies, however, employees should also be looked at as customers.

Too often Human Resources and Payroll are given short shrift because they work quietly behind the scenes. However, that's not really been the case, of course, during the recent recession.

With employees going through difficult times due to layoffs, furloughs and other cutbacks, your HR staff have had to deal with some very tough personnel issues in rapid-fire fashion since the recession began.

That could be starting to slow a bit now. And with that in mind, and as the economy continues to slowly get better, now may be an ideal time to seriously consider taking a deeper look at what your company can do to bolster your HR capabilities.

There are likely new HR software modules or complete HR applications that you can implement to help your HR staff better administer benefits, policy changes and other issues affecting your employees.

That may include needed HR software modules for improving regulatory compliance, statutory reporting and employee administration, as well as new tools to better track and report employee information.

In similar fashion, payroll management tools may also stand in line for potential upgrades as your workforce composition has changed and perhaps has new needs from your IT and payroll systems.

The economic recession took its toll on many HR departments, according to a story in The Wall Street Journal. "In these hard times, many HR departments are probably having to deal with a workplace full of worried and angry employees," the article reported. "They are assigned to protect company interests while helping employees navigate workplace issues. It's a juggling act that can result in unpopular decisions."

I'm sure that we've all seen evidence of this phenomenon inside our companies as HR staff struggled to help affected employees, while still finding the energy to serve the employees who remain on the job.

It hasn't been easy, and maybe it's time to give them their own helping hand. Maybe it's time you gave something back to them in appreciation, possibly some improved software automation tools to make it easier for them to better serve your employees as the economy continues to slowly come out of its doldrums.

And don't forget to actually thank those HR and payroll folks for their hard work under what have often been extraordinary circumstances of the last two difficult years. It's time for HR to feel the love again. | Human Resources Management & Payroll Systems Blog